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понедельник, 20 июня 2011 г.

How to buy coins in China. Russian numismat looking for old silver coins in China.

How to buy coins in China.

Ussially as i vizit foreign countries I buy old coins. Last time I visit China. Before trip I check internet to find realplaces whdre I can buy coins. I found some places. More potential was four of them : two market places, one shop and shopin Shanghai historical museum. Iread some remarks in internet about shop inmuseum, people says It's feal place to buy original coins.
We arrived in Shanvhai on Sanday morning.But shops was closed at time we come to hotel.
Next day we have some free time in noon

We go to find historical museum. It was easy becouse it placed in central park square - People's square. I found antique shop in building of historical museum. Not a lot of coins. But the old ones like spade and others copper. Very cheap. But it looks like old but original. I ask shop manager. but she didn't spoke english. Some one help me with translation.
- Yes . it's just good copies. - she told: It's difficult to find originals. In China a lot of copies. Onlyn antique centers possible to find originals. but veryxpencive.
- Can you reccomend me some antique shopsor centers or maybe markets.
-No sorry. I don't know. But I think not markets.

But I don't have others ideas and I go to find markets. which I found in internet. All of them wasnot soo far from place.
A lot of souvenires and things for tourists was on first market. It was suspicios to find here some originals.
I saw a ot of coins but it was without doubts copies. Not good copies.
- Olda money. Very Olda maney! Mister!
Second market was more interesting. More old thingds. Small animals, insects in cans and cages.
Some fishes , snails , frogs and others.
One man has a coins. Better copies, but again copies.
Man make coins ringing.
- Silver clang!
I take with me scale:
- Can we chekc? Is it original coins?
- Ok , I see you expert. Good its copy, but very very good copies from silver!
Cheap for you . I sell them 100 yuan - FOR you only 40.
- NO thanks.

We are walking arou and find one shop with souvenirs andcsome coins.
Again copies, but interesting for me. It was some old yuans with ships. I follect coins with ships
- What price?
He takes calculator and show me 100.
- O, NO!
I change 30 for two. I show him two coins.
- No no.
I comes out.
- Wait. wait mister.
He show me calculator 60.
- No
I go.
- Wait
It finished 40 for two. But later I found regular price for copy about 10 yuans.
I lost all hopes to find real place fwith original coins. Full week I try. I ask all partners, but they didn't know.
And in last day I foundt!
It was g antique market in underground floor in big center.
Then I come in I understand it's right place. Why?
- A lot of sellers, and them sells old and modern coins.
- A lot of chinise buyers. As I undesrstand chinise people like to collect somethig.
But all sellers wanto sell you copies instead original silver.
I have my portable scales - they hell me.
I just take them out and seller show me original coins. First of all I bought chinise catalog of silver coind with dimentions, weights and pictures of coins.
I find good condition originals and start discuss prices. We start from 300 usd and finish with 150 usd for 2 silver yuan and one english trade dollar.
After that I buy some dragon copper coins and two dragon silver yuan. Evrry time hard discussing with prices. I found its possible to buy 2 -3 times cheaper everywhere!

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  1. Интерестная статья! Как определить подлинность монеты Китая? Вот есть у меня не очень дорогие 1 фынь 1916 года:
    Думал настоящие, теперь сомневаюсь.

  2. Проверить только по каталогам вес размер ну и конечно смотреть чеканка или литье в 1916 году чеканка
    подделок очень много китайских монет нжно взглянуть на монету а потом покопаться в каталогах